Nitkowski - Chauffeurs - CD (2009)

Labels: Function
Review by: Danny Parsons

I don’t like the song titles, I think there are too many songs, I don’t like the back cover of the cdr case and I find the band name excruciatingly hard to pronounce. I also think that press releases should be banned as it often makes me hate the band before I’ve even listened to them “” not the band’s fault though I suppose. Other than that, this is quite a good release. That said about the press release, at least they’ve got their comparisons right. The band do indeed sound like an odd blend of Rodan, The Shipping News and Shellac although probably the former two bands more than the latter. These guys are obviously quite adept at the instruments they play and some of the jerkiness kind of reminds me of My Disco to some extent. I imagine they’d probably cite Fugazi as one of their influences too by the sounds of it. There are some nice instrumental sections but I’m not entirely convinced about the talky vocals “” they seem sort of thrown in. I’m not sure which chap does the throaty yelps in “˜The Taste and Stink of Old Coins’ but my way of thinking says he should do all of the vocals (it might be the same chap doing all of the vocals in which case, feel free to call me an idiot). Anyway, that’s all I have to say really. This is quite promising jerky, often mathy stuff that is clearly influenced by lots of bands that I like. I just wish there was less songs as I find this sort of thing can get a bit stale after 11 tracks. Other than that, good work chaps.