Thou - Malfeasance & Retribution - 10

Labels: Feast of Tentacles – Rimbaud Records
Review by: Kunal Nandi

Thou are very prolific. One look at their discography and you’d assume they’d be chucking out any old crap Agathocles-style, but on listening to this now pretty ancient release (given that a second album and countless splits have come out in the meantime, with a third album on the way) you realise they’re a very talented bunch of Louisianians.

What is great about Thou and what has probably been said countless times before is that they are fundamentally a punk band at heart that just happen to take things slow and low in the doom stakes. They’re not the first and hopefully not the last, because there’s something very satisfying with big massive riffs played straight and direct with no fat on them.

You get “œTheir Hooves Carve Craters in the Earth” and “œThe Bleeding Genitals of Every Rapist Hang Bleeding From These Trees” on here, with the former winning it for me. It flows along its course more cohesively and has a sweeeeeet riff towards the end.

Feast Of Tentacles