Shield Your Eyes - Volume 4 - CD (2011)

Labels: Function
Review by: Jon Welsh

A lazy reviewer would cast aside the press release I recieved with this record and presume that this is ANOTHER math rock band who are trying to shed themselves of that label since its increase in popularity. Shield Your Eyes are not a math rock band, nor a post-hardcore band. Their sound shares a lot in common with both genres but as a band they don’t fall into either bracket. Shield Your Eyes sit somewhere between Shellac & Hella, yet have a distinctly British sound.

‘Volume 4’ is compiled of 9 tracks, stands at 39 minutes in length, and finds Shield Your Eyes on irresistable form. Combining well structured and thoughtful songs with plenty of room for improvisation makes this album an instantly likeable, and over time possibly loveable, piece to listen to. Anyone who has seen them live will know what they’re all about, and if you haven’t then you must have been living under a rock for the past few years. They seem to be on tour constantly!

The only potential gripe people may have with this record is the recording, as it is certainly lacking in polish. But as a fan of very open and uncluttered recordings, I’m a massive fan of the sound they have achieved.