Love Among the Mannequins - Radial Images - CD (2011)

Labels: Function
Review by: Jon Welsh

A Radial Image is an imprint of a persons essence and memories stamped immutable into the ether, awaiting the exact recombination of the atoms of their body and the promise of resurrection – followed by a future of deathless, warless and disease-less peace amongst a transcended human race.

Love Among The Mannequins have created an album that appears to be timeless. Listening to it, you could swear your listening to an early recording of At The Drive In or even a band like Pavement or Drive Like Jehu. They cite Madonna-era Trail of the Dead as a major influence, and you genuinely can hear it. Featuring ex and current members of bands such as Meet Me In St Louis, Shield Your Eyes & O You Broken Eyes, Love Among The Mannequins are a band who have been around the block in various other guises.

As an album, ‘Radial Images’ is tight, clever & not lacking in memorable tunes. To be fair, Most the songs follow a general outline, But as a band they have made enough out of the parts they have written for each song to make it interesting.