Norman! - Ride Our Bikes, Fly Our Kites - Download (2011)

Labels: self released
Review by: MH

This is a recent EP from Norman! “” a 3-piece from Long Island, New York. I am presuming from the exclamation mark that they take their name from the scene in Psycho where Norman Bates’ mother is apparently yelling at her son.  6 tracks of fairly lo-fi, poppy indiemo that certainly takes influence from early stuff by The Promise Ring. I’m also hearing a bit of Braid in there somewhere too. One more recent band that this sounds similar to is fellow Long Islanders, For Serious This Time.  It’s ever so slightly messy and the vocals are not quite in tune. The lyrics are kind of quirky and cutesy “” singing about riding their bikes to the shore and flying their kites. They also unleash hand-claps on us during “œLet’s Underscore It”. “If Strength Were All Tiger Would Not Fear Scorpion (Pt. 1)” rocks out a bit more as the guitars are cranked up. All in all, very nice indeed. I’ve even downloaded their other releases from the Bandcamp page now too.