Various - A People's History of Bombed Out Records - Download (2011)

Labels: Bombed Out Records
Review by: MH

This compilation is intended as a kind of record of the first 13 years (they clearly don’t believe that 13 is an unlucky number) of the Bombed Out punk/DIY label that is based in Leeds and Harrogate and has put records out by some of the UK’s finest punk bands. They have hand-picked some of their favourites from over the years rather than put together a taster of newer releases all at once. I’m not normally a big fan of compilations particularly in these days of ipods and apps where you can make your own playlists of various bands of your own choice but this makes for enjoyable listening.

Kicking off with the melodic punk of Zapiain on the opening track this is fast and loud from the off and maintains the pace throughout until Adam Jones of Peachfuzz (or Puzzfeach as my wife who can never remember their name properly calls them) slows things down on the last track with a quieter acoustic song. Also included is the more recent post punk of Saturday’s Kids as well as the hardcore of Fig 4.0 and the gruff punk of The Dauntless Elite who share some band members. Some of the bands are no longer going “” others have started out in the past couple of years. There’s not a duff track in sight here.  The inclusion of  “œSilver & Gold” by defunct indie rockers Dugong reminds me what a superb band they were too.Of the bands that are less familiar to me, I will certainly be checking out more of Joe Ninety and The Leif Ericsson and this compilation has reminded me that I should find out a bit more about The Brown Hound James Band who have 2 ex-Dugong members “” their “œCity Lights” track being a highlight on this compilation.

Anyway, it’s available at pay-what-you-like to download “” you could do a lot worse than check this out. A very good reminder or introduction to the label and some of the UK’s finest punk bands over the last 13 years.