You, Me and Everyone We Know - Things Are Really Weird Right Now - Download (2011)

Labels: Topshelf Records
Review by: MH

This is an EP from You, Me And Everyone We Know “” possibly posthumous “” I can’t confirm whether they have split up over irreconcilable differences, are carrying on with the singer and various other random new members or the original members are coming back. The answer to that question is not that relevant to me and I’ve spent more than enough time researching them. I haven’t heard this band before. They are current label-mates of The Saddest Landscape but don’t let that give you any clue as to what this lot sound like. The nearest thing I can compare this to is some kind of modern teenage musical soundtrack “” perhaps High School Musical “” via the cheesiest pop punk of the highest order – but really straining the term pop punk.

There are the saccharine sweet vocals which irritate from the off.  Opening track “œThere Was A Thump Then Another” takes things to extremes “” the singer almost shrieks the words “œhot” and “œsweat” in the chorus and I can just imagine him on an elevated stage wearing a technicoloured dreamcoat surrounded by a dancing troupe as he kicks into a tap dance for the last few bars and tips his top hat to the audience as the song finishes. The second track is much less offensive but bear in mind that I am in a world of pain right now. The title track is what I can only describe as cheeseball doo-wop pop regaling the latest trauma in the singer’s life “” he is actually bemoaning that he is 26 and will be losing his hair soon. The backing vocals add to the doo-wop type swinging feel of the song and it reminds me of “œThe Shoop Shoop Song” by Cher. I am not sure what they were going for here. The closing track is similar and the lyrics even carry on with the same theme.

I am left with two burning questions. Was the singer using this EP to show off his potential for a lead role on Broadway? And why did they feel the need to send this to CZ? So there you go. I doubt they’re too fussed about what I think of it though “” this got to no. 5 in the US Billboard singles charts.