Guilty As Sin - Psychotronic - CD (2011)

Labels: self released
Review by: Alex Deller

Not quite sure what the fuck is going on with this one. Starts with a Warpish blob of electronica before blarting into some weird metally hardcore that seems to be equal parts Discharge, Nasum and Nailbomb. While that might, in theory, actually be weirdly ok, everything’s a bit funny-sounding with clicky bass, clicky drums and the kind of guitar distortion that a try-hard music teacher might employ as he bashes out a Queen riff to show his class that he’s ‘with it’. The merciful brevity of all that gives way to more epic pretensions with sixth track ‘Addicted To Cyanide’ (err?), an instrumental, thrash-influenced chugathon that features a meaningful acoustic interlude and much Saturday-job-at-the-guitar-shop soloing. Beyond this you also get some protracted eastern wibblings courtesy of ‘Godekli Tepe’ and, with final track ‘Psychotronic’, roughly eight minutes of guitar solo, samples and slowed-down speech followed by another four minutes of random blips and buzzes that make me think I’ve travelled back to 1996 and Earache have posted me a three-track promo cassette on which features an Ultraviolent remix of a Morbid Angel song. This, then, leaves us all in a rather odd place and not one I’d necessarily recommend you visit, unless you happen to have spent the last 15 years of your life locked in a neon-lit basement with nothing but a copy each of William Gibson’s ‘Neuromancer’ and a Pitchshifter album for company.