Prevenge - Dig It Up - Split - 7

Labels: Pavones
Review by: MH

This is a split 7inch from two punk bands from Montreal “” they have apparently toured a lot together and judging by the insert on the 7inch they are good friends. Both bands are ex-various other DIY bands that are apparently prominent in Montreal. I’m no expert on that scene though with both bands being new to me. I like the cover photo “” a shot at dusk in a smoggy, industrial area which I presume to be somewhere in Montreal. It reminds me of Middlesbrough but, unfathomably, they have somehow made it look even more picturesque.

Prevenge take the A side and it starts off with “œBerry’d Alive” “” poppy, gruff punk with 2 of them trading vocal duties “” not far removed from Dear Landlord. It’s very catchy and has the kind of chorus you feel like you know after you hear it the first time “” a bit repetitive perhaps but it’s very good. The second track, “œWicked Mess” is a bit slower but equally good. A solid start by Prevenge and I’m impressed. I’m interested to find out if the rest of this band’s stuff is up to this standard. These two tracks are as good as anything that many of their more established contemporaries are putting out.

On the B side, Dig It Up dish up two tracks and it’s a bit more shouty. Plenty of urgency and it’s a bit more raucous and ragged. The vocals are a bit more guttural and messy. There’s a touch too much guitar soloing going on in the background for me, particularly on “œCops On Horses” so I’m docking them points for that. It’s kind of fun and catchy too but verges towards metal at times and the more straightforward punk of Prevenge appeals to me more.