Strategy One - Thirty Six Strategies - CD (2013)

Labels: Boss Tuneage
Review by: Andy Malcolm

When did you last hear a band that sounded like Copper? Or something like that anyway. Strategy One are issuing some quality melodic punk with a bit of post hardcore chug and great vocals on this 6 tracker. It is such a 90s sounding release, no wonder I am into it. It’s pretty fast paced for much of it with galloping, Leatherface style guitars, over which the vocals are poured out, strong but at just the right level in the mix so they don’t dominate, which would have been an easy mistake to make. And it’s a great combo of music and vocals here, I am completely into it, especially on “Landscape of Loss” when it sounds a bit like Lumber.

They are ex-Stamping Ground (?!) and Shutdown, so I guess they have more than been around the block a bit. I reckon this is a quality EP, although wildly unfashionable and not the kind of thing you hear very often these days. Well worth a check if you like your 90s post hardcore I’d say.