This is for me, one of the years absolute best records. It’s a storming album of driving post punk infused with post hardcore / emo (take yer pick). It powers on through from the word go, everything about it is pretty much exactly what I look for in a punk record. The vocals can take a little getting used to, the guy can sound a bit bored and monotonous at times, but it fits the feel of the music and certainly works with the post punk flavours. They do mix it up a bit with an emo guy singing and screaming a bit now and again too. They lay down big bass lines and hook you into simple grooves that pull the songs along, and now and again they really go large, such as on the explosive “Souvenir (No Future)” which comes rumbling in like the time that caboose got loose in Little House on the Prairie, all wild and pounding like Unwound at their least compromising. The band let loose a bit with pedals, giving it a sort of shoegaze-y, flavour in places, but not in the generic manner that so many unthinking bands are plundering the past in lately. Going to throw in a Swervedriver comparison right here, I think that’s fair although it doesn’t tell the whole story. Anyway, the Moth ensure that they bring all their song writing nous to the table to, and this guarantees your constant attention, waiting to see where they go next as the record is never predictable, but entirely excellent. Do it.