Richard Birkin - Accretions | A Lullaby Hymn (Parts I & II) - Download (2013)

Labels: self released
Review by: Captain Fidanza

This three-track single takes us all the way back to the tired streets of Derby we last walked through in that wonderful album from Emphemetry back in 2011.

The first of the three is an instrumental hymn to an astronaut paused on the edge of a black hole, gazing beyond Jupiter and into the infinite. With this music playing in his head, and there before him, a glittering toy no star-child could resist, floating the planet Earth with all its peoples, he has time for only one of a million thoughts: has time stopped or has it just slowed immeasurably? If I inhale too deeply, might this moment disappear? If I blink will the spell be broken? Has the chance I was waiting for been missed completely? Has it vanished forever? Where does anything go from here?

Numbers two and three are the conclusion of the album from 2011, comprising various alternate versions and live variations on the track which gave the project it’s name. Beautiful.