Various - Nobody's Business, volume one - LP (2013)

Labels: Candy Twist
Review by: MH

This is a collection of DIY indie pop from a label from Almere in the Netherlands that has brought together twelve bands from around Europe and the USA. Most of these bands are new to me and all the tracks apart from the one by Cave Ghosts have not appeared anywhere else before. First up are The Fireworks with some fuzzy pop from London and it’s a nice start. The gentler Cave Ghosts track is pleasant with female vocals and harmonies – you can tell they like a bit of summery 60s stuff and the vocals are really nice. The Hobbes Fan Club continue on that more gentle note – it’s light and melancholy with a nice jangle on the guitars – cool song and an early highlight. Liechtenstein then trick us all as they are actually from Gothenburg. Their track is probably the only one I’ve struggled with. I’m not really into the dancey post punk side of this one. Next up is the first band I am already familiar with in Martha. I saw them play with Ten Speed Bicycle and Ace Bushy Striptease a while back. I say “saw” them but the Old Betsey Trotwood was so packed that really I just saw the tops of their heads. Their track is more in a garagey, punky poppy vein. Cool lyrics and brilliant female vocals with the northern accent. Probably my favourite track on here. Following this are The Felt Tips and they could only be an indie pop band with a name like that – I think the name is great by the way. Their track has lyrics that are about a guy falling for a character model for his drawing. It’s quite a smart social commentary on awkward romantic feelings and has a kind of story to it. Lost Tapes come from Spain and their track changes the feel a little as it is pretty sweet dreampop that leans towards shogaze and I’m all for a bit of shoegaze – another highlight. Making Marks are up next and this one sounds like they like a bit of Belle & Sebastian. It is keys-led, folky and features light boy/girl vocals. Horowitz bring the fuzzy power pop back with their track just before the other band I’d heard before, Colour Me Wednesday. I must admit that I have found them to be a bit hit and miss so far (mainly due to the ska parts that creep in at times on their album as I enjoy them otherwise) but this track is a nice little simple poppy number so is definitely on the “hit” side for me. Heathers is not to be confused with the Irish band. These guys come from the other side of the water and Los Angeles. Their track is a melancholy power poppy track – pretty good actually. The record ends on a more downbeat ending with Young Romance’s “Twenty Five” with female vocals and shimmery guitars.

I’ve enjoyed this – it makes for ideal listening on a rainy Sunday. I’ve found some new bands to look up as a result of this LP and as a standalone set of songs it’s an enjoyable listen and that isn’t always the case with compilations especially these days where you can jump from one band to the next on an ipod or stream or whatever else. Looks like this label is just starting out but they’re doing good things and I’ll be keeping an eye out for the next volume.