The  Workhouse - The Sky Still Looks The Same - 10

Labels: Oscarson
Review by: MH

This is one of two records from new label Oscarson in my latest review batch. This one is osc no. 2 so I probably should’ve started with the other one first which is osc no. 1. Very nice of the label to send out some slabs of vinyl by the way. I have to say that on both records, the presentation is pretty lovely. A lot of thought has gone into them with a stencilled sleeve and a booklet full of photographs that are the kind of bleak that I like.

On to the music then. The Workhouse serve up five tracks that are equal parts post punk and post rock with the kind of baritone vocal style that is in keeping with bands of this style like Interpol. I mentioned post rock and, having read up a bit more on the band, it turns out they have previously been a mainly instrumental outfit. They appear to have been around for a bit too although this is their first release since 2011. The post punky tracks do nod to the likes of Interpol and you can hear the influence of older bands like Joy Division along the way too. Some post rocky effects are interspersed on some of the songs and are then given full breathing space on “F.N.O.” and on the closing instrumental which are both much closer to something like Explosions In The Sky. A nicely put-together package all round.