Stalins of Sound - Tank Tracks - CD (2014)

Labels: Slovenly
Review by: Bob Alderdice

I must admit, I was pretty chuffed when this popped up on the list of things for review this month. After reading a couple of reviews about it and listening to a few bits on the internet, this band were already on my radar. Still, I’d been pretty self-restrained and avoided listening to too much until I got the real thing. So, when it did arrive, I was pretty keen to get stuck into listening to it straight away.

Track one, Without Machine, kicks in with some pretty ace, swirling synth tones and monotonous robotic vocals and my first thought is: this sounds like The Spits. Cool! I love the Spits!

Then the second track, Monkeys Attack, starts. The into is a bit more upbeat and I’m thinking: oh right, so this is a bit more like Servotron. Cool! I love Servotron!

And on the first full listen of Tank Tracks, that was my response to Stalins of Sound: sometimes they sound like The Spits, sometimes a bit like Servotron, usually somewhere between the two. Nice one. Maybe I’ll give it another bez.

On round two and three, I started to hear some other elements to the songs and I thought: hey, this sounds a bit like Metal Urbain. Cool! I love Metal Urbain! (On further investigation, it turns out that they do a cover of Panik on one of their 7”s so excuse me for making such a lazy, obvious comparison! )

And this continued on and on until I realised that I’d listened to this CD five or six times and I was just enjoying it more and more each time. All the things I read about it were true. It’s pretty abrasive at times, sure, but there are some catchy hooks in there as well. All very KBD and all good stuff! Clearly, this CD deserved to graduate to regular in-car listening.

I put it on on the way to work today. As I was listening, I thought: this sounds like”¬¶well, it sounds like Stalins of Sound!

Cool! I love Stalins of Sound!