Undiscovered - Talby - Split - 10

Labels: Oscarson
Review by: MH

This is the other one of two very nicely presented records I got from the review pile from new label, Oscarson, from Germany. It’s another 10″ but this time a split with two bands I’ve not heard before – Undiscovered and Talby. They have gone for the slightly novel approach of sharing both sides rather than one band on either side of the record. Talby open side A and close side B and vice versa for Undiscovered. This record has me initially thrown as it plays at 33rpm and is clearly too fast on the 45 setting I just had it on for the other Oscarson release. Talby play a kind of acoustic indie with a bit of electronica thrown in on the first track. You could throw a Postal Service reference in if you were lazy like me. Undiscovered, in contrast, are way more noisy and mix up indie rock and noise rock. They’ve apparently been around for 10+ years. The second track of theirs is a heavier post rocky tune before Talby close things off with another mellower tune.