The Machismo's - Fake Live - 7

Labels: self released
Review by: MH

This 7inch comes hot on the heels of The Machismo’s recent tape which unearthed some old versions of old songs recorded in the late 90s. This time we have four old tracks that were originally on their “My Narghile” full length that have been recorded in 2014 with the band in its new line-up. Sam Marsh is back on his old familiar seat at the drumkit where he spent his days in Jacob’s Mouse, and is joined by Rachel Marsh and Karly Stebbings on bass and guitar. The two tracks on side A groove along nicely and the vocals are laidback and drift over the rhythms. Although perhaps a touch slower than the original versions (could be my ears, mind!), these two tracks have a bit more bang than before and sound a bit more of the now with a fleshing out of the guitars and rhythm. The two tracks on side B lean a little more to their experimental side with lyrics nodding to the 90s UK jungle scene particularly “Bulletproof Murder Dem”. The second track is a real groover with a smart bass riff running throughout. No-one else really sounds like this band in 2014, but then again, no-one really used to sound like them in the 90s. I’m delighted The Machismo’s are active again and the new line-up is sounding nice and tight. I will let you work out for yourselves whether these songs were performed live or not.