Whales - Size and Scale - LP (2013)

Labels: Michigan Inide Network
Review by: Andy Malcolm

I reviewed something by this band a fair while back, and this is their latest effort which they emailed me about last year, right around the time where I stopped feeling like writing very much, a state which has persisted for a while now. Anyway, here’s a rare foray into the written medium from me, and I figured I’d get some word down about this album. Whales play a brand of entirely unpretentious indie rock, their chosen style being big and fuzzy, a little shoegaze, a little dream pop, a lot of rock. Kinda lazy vocals over chunky, exciting music which veers between chirpily upbeat and plainly half asleep or a bit fed up. Both songs from that previous review feature on here, both are still entirely delightful. I am slightly disappointed to find that they didn’t keep the nautical theme going with the titles though.

Hey, this actually sounds a bit like Jejune sometimes.