Atochi - Ioamante - Download (2014)

Labels: Grindcore Karaoke
Review by: Alex Deller

I do not really know what is going on with 跡地 (aka Atochi). It’s a squall, pure and simple. The instrumentation, such as it is, is just a sheet of horrific noise. Low in the mix, vocals gibber, howl and burble, as though a slobbering ape has been brought onboard to curate the process but gone insane halfway through its work. Then there’s what might be some sort of brass instrument wailing away, like someone has run over John Zorn’s favourite saxophone in a tractor and forced him to blow through its buckled mouthpiece at gunpoint. If you like the idea of WORLD and Praxis all jumbled up together then this might well suit you. Me? I can’t decide whether I never want to hear it again or want to keep on playing it until my brain implodes.