Sturmovik - Destination Nowhere - Download (2015)

Labels: Selfmadegod
Review by: Alex Deller

A pretty rambunctious debut from this marauding mob of d-beaters who might lean heavy on the Tragedy-isms but also take the time to inject proceedings with some rampaging rock n’ roll. It’s not the wild, scrawny kind of, say, Herätys or Skitkids but more the sneeringly beefy, professional rock sound of the Backyard Babies or Turbonegro, really coming to the fore on tracks like the impressively widdly ‘Bad Sons, Bad Earth’. Featuring just nine tracks there’s no time for the band to outstay their welcome, and while I couldn’t even hazard a guess as to what a song called ‘Beware Of The Funfair’ might be about I can at least statethat it’s all jolly good fun while it lasts.