Zu - Cortar Todo - Download (2015)

Labels: Ipecac
Review by: Alex Deller

Last I heard from Zu was 2009’s brilliant ‘Carboniferous’, though since then they look to have put out a handful of releases, including one with the estimable Eugene Robinson. In the time since we last dallied, I have grown older, creakier and achier while Zu have remained spry, youthful and as wonderful as ever. This hardly seems fair, and one of these days I must really ask them what their secret is. Until then I will content myself with rocking the hell out to ‘Cortar Todo’, which is a lurching, rhythmic concoction that marries squelchy bass upheavals to pressure point-prodding drumwork and errant sax howls. Think an instrumental Big Business jamming with the Skull Defekts and/or some sort of Ex-related project and you could be along the right lines, but rather than just imagine how their mighty wizardry might play out why not just click on the Soundcloud link below and do your poor old ears a favour?