Hard-Ons - Peel Me Like An Egg - CD (2014)

Labels: Boss Tuneage
Review by: Oli Saunders

The name of the band and the cartoon pictures didn’t fill me with confidence but The Hard-Ons are alright. The variance in song style throughout the album is astounding and it’s pretty even in quality. Ah, a bit more reading tells me the band have been around since ’81 and are relatively well known. Another one on the Boss Tuneage roster; that label often fills in the gaping holes in my punk-rock knowledge, thanks. Whilst I prefer the harsher side of punk, I am perfectly capable of appreciating where it came from and enjoying songs like ‘Clumsy Little Oaf I Am’. The Billy Corgan vocals get a little bit nauseating having said that. ‘Sweatin on the Beat’ ups the ferocity greatly, then ‘Those Hard to Get Spots’ goes back into semi-pop-punk territory. I can’t really make out what their sound is but this is an enjoyable album.

29th December 2015