Sweat Lodge - Talismana - Download (2015)

Labels: Ripple Music
Review by: Alex Deller

Truth be told I went into this expecting some psych-damaged proto-metal, and while you can catch definite whiffs of Sabbath, Blue Cheer and Captain Beyond the overall lack of grit was kinda disappointing at first. Things are, you see, impeccably well done, and I’d ultimately rather hear this kind of music played by acid-ravaged goons who can only hold a song together thanks to cosmic chance. Sweat Lodge sound a lot more pro than that, coming across like a slightly wiggier Nebula or a less Kyuss-obsessed variation of one of those old Meteor City bands. Once I got used to this things were, hey, pretty okay – bouncy, fuzzy and certainly fun enough stuff for anyone who likes to rock out without losing their mind in the process.