Ides - Sun Of The Serpents Tongues - Download (2016)

Labels: VIC
Review by: Alex Deller

Huge, lugubrious funeral/death doom from a new act who’ve bravely crawled from their shared pit of despair to carve out six lengthy, compelling songs. It’s heavy, grunting, arduous stuff that recalls a mix of Thergothon, Corrupted and Winter, the moribund plod lurching from slow to slower while vocals take the form of a mud-clogged croak. The weight of it all is leavened – only slightly, mind you – with strains of synth, violin and a fondness for pinch harmonics that brings ‘Where The Slime Live’ by Morbid Angel to mind. These melodic skeins providing a melancholic counterpoint to the otherwise crushing density, puncturing the seething darkness like cold, distant stars that are less symbols of light and hope than a cruel reminder as to how small and unimportant our trivial concerns are to the rest of the slowly-whirling universe.