Cody Noon - Bobowler - CD (2016)

Labels: Carnage Club
Review by: MH

This is the second time I’m writing about Cody Noon having been very much into their first release, “Tiny Manticore”. This time around we have four new tracks that hover around the fringes of post rock and 90s slowcore. They ponder and meander and things take time to come to life before creeping up on you. It’s almost four minutes into the aptly-named opener “Space Alert” that it winds itself up into a bigger, soaring ending following the more deliberated riff that runs through the opening few minutes. I won’t blither on about every track but there’s a Mogwai reference in next track, “Mob Wives Fear Satan”, and the sparser sections of tracks remind me of older Mogwai and even I Am Spartacus as notes and sections gently build and repeat, and the slow pondering is very Codeine. A note on the last track too – what a time for a Pokemon tune to be reworked as people are walking into walls, trees and each other all in the name of Pokemon. It’s a reworking of music from Pokemon Red & Green is quite stunning. This EP is one of my favourite things lately. Not listened to much else as many times as this this year actually.