Fucko - Dealing With The Weird - LP (2016)

Labels: Black Numbers
Review by: MH

Fucko are new to me and play the kind of melodic and grungey indie rock that will inevitably draw comparisons to a host of early 90s bands with the fuzzy guitars and distortion. There is a healthy rhythm section too – the basslines throughout have a nice, thick edge to them, and they’re aided by the drumming of Derek Desharnais from Sneeze. Sarah Desmarais’ vocals are melodic but still with a venom to them when required and there’s a weariness to some of the lyrics on here. They mix things up along the way with poppier tunes like “Wishful Thinking” which is catchy and melancholy, and the slower deliberation of “Wake Up”. Solid band and record – plenty of drive and good songs along the way.