When Nalda Became Punk - These Words Broke Our Hearts - 10

Labels: Shelflife
Review by: MH

I’m finally noticing that I find something interesting with pretty much every release that the Shelflife label sends in. This one came in earlier this year and I kind of forgot about it but then it popped up again the other day during a search through my inbox for something else. In keeping with the bands on other Shelflife releases, When Nalda Became Punk deal in melancholy indie pop. It started off as a solo project for singer, Elena Sestelo, and eventually became a band some years ago. They come from Vigo in Spain and this 10″ is replete with synth, jangly guitars and nostalgia-filled lyrics. It’s the kind of thing that nods to Sarah Records and they’ve played Indie Tracks a few years back which is clearly a good fit soundwise. I think “Big Whoop” is the pick of the tracks for me. They’ve got me interested with this record so I’m off to check out their older stuff now.