Q-Lee & LukaZ - Liquid Drum and Bass Mix #94 - Download (2017)

Labels: self released
Review by: Oli Saunders

Q-Lee is a DJ based in Poland who REALLY loves electronic music. He blends genres such as deep house, tech house, house, techno, dub techno, DnB into hour long mixes. I don’t really understand even what all those genres are, but of late I’ve been hooked on his Liquid DnB mixes and his Vocal Deep House mixes. Mix #94 (mixed with LukaZ) is an example of the former and was released in July.

In truth, I feel that I would skip many of these songs if they were put in isolation, but mix them together effectively and it turns into something which grabs my attention, then keeps it. I put it on when out and about, when driving, cleaning, …, and also just because. An almost constant (and steady) drum and bass beat is the essential mainstay (disappearing now and again which works effectively), alongside which the uniqueness of every individual artist/band fits in. He also dips and out of the songs, sometimes only including a small segment; yeh I know that’s how DJing works, I’m just trying to make the point that he does it very well.

‘Kontrast – Open Road’ opens up the mix, a great vocal track. There’s another vocal track before we get into a twenty minute instrumental section. It’s decent. I’m glad to have a remix of ‘Hybrid Minds – Brighter Days’ bring some vocals back in, alongside a great bass sound. ‘Dvice One -Before’ then kicks in and its a highlight of the whole mix (though can I find out out any more about this artist; no). We float on by and with ten minutes to go, reach ‘Random Movement & Ben Soundscape – Imperfections’, a wonderful track which slows down at one point and then has a Robin Williams audio sample from Good Will Hunting, when he is talking about his dead wife. The bass kicks back in and off we go again. Christ, this is good, as are the next two tracks ‘Hugh Hardie – Emerald City’ and ‘Hybrid Minds – Inside’. ‘Hoodleston – Soul Feeling’ finishes things off.

I dunno what else to say other than Q-Lee’s mixes have been my musical find of the year. You can download all of them via his Sound Territory Youtube channel

27th August 2017