When Icarus Falls - Resilience - CD (2017)

Labels: Czar Of Crickets
Review by: Oli Saunders

When Icarus Falls play atmospheric metal, not really venturing into the realms of heavy riffs like 5ive, but going further than the likes of Explosions In The Sky (without quite so many catchy parts). It’s well done and flows from segment to segment. The occasional vocals are the main talking point, as I find the variance interesting. On track one spoken vocals come in and, whilst I can’t quite grasp what he is saying, they really step the track up. It’s a shame they soon subside and then never return – they could do more with this. On track two metal vocals come in at the end, and stay for track three until a more desperate sounding voice arrives, even reminding me of later Mesa Verde for a minute. The title track does without before Mesa Verde pop up again. I guess comparisons could also be made with Oceanic and Panopticon-era Isis. It’s a decent effort overall.

28th August 2017