Labels: Transcending Obscurity
Review by: Alex Deller

A chunkily satisfying death metal effort here that offers far more than a casual listen might suggest. The thing manages to sucker you in from the get-go thanks to capable riffing, admirable vocal slurry and a smothering sense of density, but once you’ve come to terms with its immediate charms you’ll discover that the stitched-together parts are actually in varying stages of decomposition. Guitar lines slime their way down odd, uncomfortable apertures; harsh, scraping vocals offset the deathly gurgles and moments of dour atmosphere are respectfully draped like a sheet covering a corpse on a hospital gurney. That it has been put together so subtly is testament to the band’s undeniable skill, but it also brings to mind a rather worrying thought … what strange things might we find in the dark as we explore these hidden depths?