Bring The Drones - Ignorance Paradise - LP (2017)

Labels: Kibou – Phobia
Review by: Alex Deller

Thought the Bring The Drones 7″ was solid, but this is something else entirely. The backbone is, as you might expect, a hefty wodge of forceful, frazzled-at-the-edges D-beat that charges along at a frantic pace, but there’s an underlying sense of trope-tinkering weirdness that ensures this is far more than just another serviceable crasher. Maybe it’s because the folks involved are masters of the art and know just how to twist the genre at the edges or maybe it’s just a happy feat of accidental alchemy, but whichever way you rub it ‘Ignorance Paradise’ manages to give you a sound and solid beating while forcing you to consider just what you might have done to deserve it.