Jyotisavedanga - Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum - Download (2018)

Labels: Larval Productions
Review by: Alex Deller

One of those records where all the songs are called things like CLOAKED MINISCUS WITHOLDS TENTACULAR EMBECKONING and GNOMIC INTERSTITIAL MALEVOLENCE. It’s all very smart, but by god is it dull: the sound is muddy and muffled, and the only thing you can make out with any clarity is the singer’s monotonous and unceasing roar. It’s only half an hour’s worth of music but it feels like an age goes by before the damn thing finally grinds to a halt, by which time you’re not feeling smothered or shattered or CRUELLY BISECTED BY TALONIC WAVEFORMS ORIGINATING BEYOND THE IMPERMEABLE ETHER but just very, very, very bored indeed