If you were impressed with The Great Sabatini’s 2014 ‘Dog Years’ LP then prepare to have your jaw kicked off your silly face, because ‘Goodbye Audio’ is even better. The ugly parts you’d expect are all on proud display – gristly noise-rock, hammerblow sludge and the occasional gluey melody – but this time around things seem both more focused and more ambitious. The riffs roll forth like tar mixed with broken glass and the vocals aren’t much prettier, but in amid the clobbering you’re constantly being sideswiped by weird ideas that catch you off guard yet make sense when considered as part of the wider whole. This means that if Unsane, Torche and Cavity still spring readily to mind then oddball outliers such as Craw, Threadbare or Rodan are also worth considering, while cuts like epic closer ‘Hand Of Unmaking’ suggest the band are only just warming up, and that there’s plenty of strange, inhospitable terrain yet to be mapped.

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