Grand Pricks - Polarnecks - split - 10

Labels: Gold Mold Records
Review by: Andy Malcolm

This is another of the records from a few years ago that I have tried and failed to review on a few occasions since. Not really sure why outside of the littany of excuses I’ve built up in my head for that period of time. It also went missing for a period and turned up when I was sorting through some boxes that haven’t been emptied post moving house a year ago. It’s a pretty solid record, Grand Pricks (lololol) bash through a couple of fizzing indie rockers. There’s a little shoegaze in the mix, with soaring guitars and energetic drumming. Kind of a rough, early Dinosaur Jr flavour to proceedings on “En Flique”. “Don’t Vote” is more raucous and grungey with some full throated yelled vocals interspersed. Reminds me a bit of Mudhoney.
Polarnecks are a good fit for this split, also dabbling in noisy 1990s style indie rock. Definite Dinosaur Jr feels resonating here, I’ve certainly heard a couple of these riffs and touches before. It’s good, I like this sort of thing. If you also like it melodic yet rough round the edges then I think you’ll have a good time checking out this split.