Umbrella Co. - Initial - Download (2018)

Labels: self released
Review by: MH

Some melodic and relatively clean indie rock here from a new band from Providence who are ex- a bunch of bands that I’m not familiar with apart from Broadcaster who I’ve reviewed on here and enjoyed many moons ago. Only 3 songs on this debut EP and lyrically things are reflective with hints of nostalgia, particularly on closing song “Over and Over”. It all serves as a taster for what’s to come as it sounds like they’ve recorded a whole bunch of songs already and have another EP in the works*.

*(Well, I couldn’t say for sure about that last bit as I found this review in my Drafts today (it’s from early 2018 so is in fine company with a load of recent reviews on CZ dug out of cupboards, sock drawers and down the back of sofas) and there’s nothing more recent on their Bandcamp page)).