WVRM - Colony Collapse - Download (2020)

Labels: Prosthetic
Review by: Alex Deller

This one starts with some crackly ambient thrum before kicking you straight in the fucking pelvis … not a nice way to get acquainted, but it at least lets you know what you’re in for. That, in case you were wondering, is brutish, cudgel-wielding grind-cum-hardcore … rough and ragged at the edges, but played with blistering precision and varied enough that you can tell the band aren’t masking any shortcomings with simple, blurring speed. The crunching moments really crunch and the shifts between parched screams and cookie-gobbling grunts are borderline graceful, while the bursts of scalding electronic noise bring to mind the likes of Transient, Unyielding Love and Full Of Hell. It’s a vicious and intense experience … not the sort of thing to help chill you out after a bastard day, but maybe the kind of visceral adrenalin boost you need in order to survive the next one.