The 1984 Draft - Destination Breakdown - 7

Labels: Poptek Records
Review by: Andy Malcolm

Not listened to this band before but the press release enticed me in by revealing that they had a previous release entitled “Bo Jackson Up The Middle”. I’m here for any band making 1980s NFL references. Not picking up any such things here, but this is some nice, classicly 90s styled college rock. 1984 Draft clearly enjoy the work of bands similar to the Lemonheads and Dinosaur Jr and across these two songs have put that love into action. They lean heavily into that Lemonheads appreciation with a slightly familiarly intoned “It’s a shaaaaame” a few times on “Destination Breakdown”. The vocals bring to mind Jawbreaker but with less cigs. “Counting Up” is the other song here and it’s in similar territory. Got that Dino Jr influenced guitar cranked up on this one.

Solid stuff, I’ll keep an eye out for future releases based on this.