Thunder Dreamer - Summer Sleeping - Tape (2020)

Labels: Lonesome Morning
Review by: Andy Malcolm

The first song “House and Garden” instantly reminds me of a Neil Halstead LP. A gentle, soft and thoughtful piece of guitar pop. A summery day in a field, clear skies and effortlessly pleasant. Seems somewhat unimaginable on 29th January amidst the constant grey dampness of the English winter, but for a moment this transports me there. Thunder Dreamer diverges from the path after that deliciously clean opener, into a more woozy kind of fug not dissimilar to that generated by the likes of Real Estate. Guitars shimmer in the background as things take on a more late night feel and we stick in this manner until the closer “Blurred Out” which is far more bombastic. The swirling guitars and piano are instantly going to make you think of War on Drugs but it makes for some nice variation. Five songs here gives you enough to get your teeth into, impressive release.