Twisted Thing - Sacred Cement - Download (2020)

Labels: Corpus
Review by: Alex Deller

Five tracks of heavy, murderous stomp from Twisted Thing, a New York quartet who might tip their hat to the city’s hardcore past but owe a greater debt to the surly, confrontational surge of bands like Nekra, Rut and Gag. Huge, purposeful riffs torpedo their way straight to your brain and only really make way for the occasional serrated solo, while the hoarse vocals sneer, rasp and jibe their way through a catalogue of scathing indictments. Whether they’re barrelling along at full tilt or slowing things down to a mangled drag (oh, hi, ‘(I Don’t Wanna Go It) Alone’) there’s barely any room to breathe let along manoeuvre … best thing to do is probably slump to the ground, play dead and hope the relentless pummel stops in due course.