Coughin' Vicars - Art Damage + Demo - Tape (2020)

Labels: self released
Review by: Samuel Rogers

When it comes to reviewing a demo, the trick is to procrastinate so long that the band have already
released an EP. Now I get the pleasure of reviewing both! Starting with the demo, please note it’s
“post-omission” not “post-emission”, so don’t be filthy minded. This band have clean, family-friendly
songs about death, cobwebs, and exorcism. Against distorted punk, the singer gives cryptic sermons
from an occult altar. Some tracks take a softer approach, but the homage to post-punk and gothic
music of the 1980s remains a consistent feature. If Killing Joke and Skeletal Family got together and
turned up their volume, the results might be comparable.

On the more recent EP, we get another four tracks of the same, but with cleaner production
values. None of the noisy, menacing charm was sacrificed in the process. “Provocateurs” is probably
the best of the bunch, with a sinister tale of entrails and flesh interrupted by short bursts of a
hardcore punk chorus. To support these Merseyside occultists, head to their Bandcamp where you
can also hear them paying tribute to their roots by covering older bands from the North West.