I like how the name Gravesend will likely sound all sinister and dark to most of the world, but for UK listeners it’ll simply recall a chunk of Kent that’s mainly famous for its pier. That, though, is where the levity begins and ends : ‘Methods Of Human Disposal’ is lumpy and contorted like a duffel bag into which a body has been hurriedly stuffed, before being left by side of the road to ooze oily fluid and draw clouds of bristly, aggressive flies. After a gluey synth intro the blasting commences, and it’s thick, meaty, guttural death-grind all the way. Something in the gargly, black metal-influenced vocals vaguely reminds me of Gehenna, while the riffs sound like they could be hewn from the rubbery, shite-encrusted sludge left behind after burning trash has melted into the ground. It’s relentlessly ugly, relentlessly brutal and, well, just relentless overall – not an easy thing to cope with by any stretch, and one to endure rather than necessarily enjoy.