‘Insufferable Cave Of Rotting Aspiration’ sounds like a pretty spot-on description of time spent inhabiting my own skull, so Romasa would’ve had an easy sell on their hands here even if I hadn’t enjoyed their ‘Cheering Death’ EP. These three tracks see the band continue their trajectory down the greasy garbage chute of human experience, bringing together crust, sludge and shit-daubed death metal in a manner that’s utterly hostile and yet wholly agreeable. Sucking pit riffs bubble and ooze while innards are coughed messily up, and tricksy, Morbid Angel-esque riffs decompose into lumbering crusty gallops like time-lapse footage of food rotting. While this mix of sounds and styles might not be particularly novel, the songs are mercilessly well executed and played with such vicious intent that you can’t help but take notice: the weight, heft and lunge of it all attain near-physical presence, crowding in on you and forcing you to stare wide-eyed at all the filth and horror they have so gleefully wrought.