Two early Dove tracks (both culled from the ‘South Of Hell’ comp) that’ve been whumped onto vinyl for the first time to help main guy Henry Wilson, who sounds to be having a shite of a time health-wise. Like genetically-linked acts Floor and Torche, Dove managed the alchemical feat of being heavy as all balls while also doling out velveteen melodies. Despite being relatively protean compared to the later full-length material, these two numbers (‘Eight Letters To Your Name’ and ‘What’s Best In Life’) already have this sweet n’ savage mix down pat, laden as they are with effortless heft, lunging purpose and strange, gluey sweetnesses. Also intact is the sly songwriting tricksiness that makes Dove a slightly more difficult pill to swallow than their kinsfolk, but that’s also a huge part of the band’s unique charm: they rocked, yes, but they also knew how to twist your neck interestingly out of joint, not just snap it right from the get-go.