Feel like Suffering Luna ideally need at least a full side of an LP to really stretch out and do their thing, but beggars can’t be choosers and all that. ‘Resin Of Hate’ at least manages to pack quite a bit into its brain-wrecking three minutes: it bases itself around an FX-smeared blast that sounds like the same MITB record simultaneously playing at 33 and 45rpm, doses it with some samples and lobs in a tremendously effective Neanderthal crawl that lasts mere seconds but achieves maximum damage.

Chest Pain, by contrast, cram three songs into roughly the same timeframe and emerge from a chaotic, clamouring place where Lack Of Interest-style thump is force fed jagged chunks of Iron Lung’s discordant experimentalism. Closing track ‘Inhuman Compassion’ wins out thanks to its incessant, near-hymnal bludgeon, but truth be told you can’t go too far wrong with any of it.

Great split!