Opening with some prime buzzsaw action means it’s plain from the off that Coffin Mulch owe a debt to Entombed and Nihilist – a fact the band would readily agree with, even if their recent ‘Supposed To Rot’ cover didn’t give the game away. This said, though, there’s far more on display here than mere forelock-tugging deference, as evidenced by the opening track’s swift descent into dank, gungy death-doom. These elements lurch in and out as things shamble forth (there’s even a brief funeral dirge to be found in ‘Onward To Death’, for goodness’ sake) as do other deathly influences that extend well beyond the Scandinavian canon. As well as having their history down pat the band also have ideas, chops, attitude and songs by the coffinload – a potent concoction that bodes immensely well for their forthcoming full-length.