Not something I’ve really considered before, but with this record it strikes me that Full Of Hell could be the logical successors to Discordance Axis. It’s not just in the jagged dissonance and sheer spite of the recording, but also thematically: along with the desire to create something caustic, explosive and confrontational there’s art here. Shattered, ugly, difficult art for sure, but art nonetheless. Anyway, ‘Garden Of Burning Apparitions’ is the band’s zillionth release, and as ever Full Of Hell continue to twist on the hook. The songs are succinct, tightly-constructed explosions of rage: angular, contorted things flecked with spit and bile. Coruscating electronics bleed in and out, and each song seems to feature an individual quirk or cruelty that makes it stand out, be it the tortured sax briefly threading its way through ‘Urchin Thrones’ or the thoroughly Gas Chamber-esque guitar FX that crash their way through album closer ‘Celestial Hierarch’. It’s deadly stuff, of course, but what else would you possibly expect?