This is one of those records that I’ve listened to endlessly, but am still at a loss as to go about describing it. The sheer immediacy of ‘Absortos En El Tedio Eterno’ means your best bet is to just leap in and figure things out for yourself, particularly if waypoints like Wire, Chrome, Crisis and Grauzone push any of your buttons. Beyond surface-level danceability, however, there’s a deep pool of thought and invention running through the record – anarchist theory, strange sonic collisions and a white-hot dissatisfaction with the way the world runs. This latter aspect speaks to genuine frustration and lived experience rather than the safe, empty, sloganeering you hear from so many middle-class types who’ve never really had to fear that their bills won’t get paid. The splintered guitars, squelchy video game beats and incandescent vocals all find their perfect foil in the way the album has been packaged – bright, brash imagery that seems fun at first glance but carries an explosive sense of threat, and a heavy pamphlet of writings that bring the band’s worldview into even sharper focus.