Ridiculously huge hardcore, which takes the gruff, rough-hewn bombast of ‘Darkness’-era Poison Idea and smashes it up against the melodic ambitions of ‘Hidden World’ and the pure rock ‘n’ roll influence running through the veins of Burning Love. Off-the-handle opener ‘Lexan Deluxe’ careens straight off the tracks and giddily chucks away a snippet of guitar lead that most bands would kill to use for some sort of main event, and ‘Union Hoax’ has their singer barking about the band in the third person atop a swaggeringly overdriven 12-bar riff. ‘Plastic Echo Chamber’ meanwhile has a riff that sounds like it was lifted straight from a Sicbay record – something of interest to precisely no one in 2022, and yet I feel compelled to mention it. Anyway, let’s just leave it at saying this damn thing is so good it’s daft. Honestly – just daft.