Freakish and untethered hardcore that hurtles along without caring who it hurts or how ugly it looks with its eyes bulging out, sweat beading its top lip and that ugly, purple vein pulsing dangerously away in the middle of its forehead. Songs hover around the minute, minute-and-a-half mark (other than obligatory ‘epic’ closing track, ‘No Pension’) which means there’s zero fucking about, but they somehow still find the time to tinker with actual songs and even throw some crazed sax into the 50-second ‘Rent-A-Cop. Something about it screams Circle Jerks at the speed of Neos with a dash of the DKs’ wobble n’ warble, but the buzzed-out guitars and general sense of frenzy also plop them squarely in the here-and-now of great, modern, mutoid punk.