Meant to review the two tapes by Thee Alcoholics that Wrong Speed put out, but it’s easy to get lost in those: loping, looping things that get you all turned around, wondering where you’ve been and where the hell you are. While it’s still plenty queasy, this four-song 7” feels far easier to manage. Things bumble and lurch with ignoble intent, but while the bubbling electronics and endlessly grinding riffs do everything they can to swamp you there’s at least the promise that the tonearm will lift at some point and, in so doing, drag you to safety. You can hear The Melvins and Tad and Chrome and The Fall and maybe even a moment that recalls Therapy? if you listen real hard. This all means that while the clamour they make is gross and intrusive, it’s also insanely satisfying. In fact, I think it might just be time to spend some time feeling like shit while I listen to those two tapes again – I may be gone for a while.